Fellow Shoutarounder,

Your optimistic and regenerative mindset is a bonfire spark. That abundant creative energy that you have inside you is one of your most precious resources. Your mindset and energy combined will get you places.

Joining us here at Shout a Round is a step of action. You enter a space that provides innovative thinking, insights, tools and resources needed to make things happen. What we’ve learned through the years, we will share with you.

So, what does it mean to build better food businesses in bumpy times? What can you and I do to create resilience for our food businesses today and for the future? Is the new regenerative paradigm already replacing the old? What major shifts are shaping our reality? What does a world of circularity and people-powered really mean?

How can we together purposefully and mindfully start co-creating the food future we picture and aspire?

Welcome to leap forward into a vibrant, prosperous and thriving food future!

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What’s it all about?

With Shout a Round we are contributing to a movement of co-creating thriving food systems for the future.

 The world has shifted. It is time to challenge the current systems and the business as usual.  To help you navigate in the new reality, we have crafted this platform where you can equip yourself with useful insights, tools, concepts and connections.

 We want to boost your confidence to become a food citizen, invite you into a What if- space for understanding and innovation, equip you with tools to move your thinking forward, and help you wave goodbye to linear industrial thinking, vulnerable business models and forces that makes our food unhealthy, unsustainable, anonymous and unequal.

So let’s begin the journey of ideating & co-creating people-powered future foods!

What’s the motivation for Shout a Round?

Why did we create Shout a Round? What do we see as its purpose in co-creating thriving future food systems?

Patricia Wiklund, Director of Invenire, shares the vision for Shout a Round & our approach to help activate future food creators.

What excites us when it comes to food?

Patricia and Johanna chat about why we believe the food industry has the potential to make a positive impact on the world. Why rethinking food models can increase sustainability impact & put forward the most important players in the food system – farmers and food citizens.

Have you asked yourself “what if”?

What’s our dream for future food systems? How do we think they could help people, nature & society thrive for the future?

Johanna and Patricia discuss how they see we could harness the enormous potential of the food systems hold.

The moment Miranda came up with the idea, it just hit home. We had been working for days to find a brand concept that would cater for our big idea, which at the time was really nothing but that – a big, fuzzy, ill-defined raw, but beautiful idea.

Shout a Round. she said. It is just like the Australian expression when you “shout a round” you buy a round of drinks for the group of people you are with. She was describing something down-to-earth, participatory, connected. A social custom where everyone is equal. Each person has a turn to give something to others, which is then returned, creating a positive, happy experience that everyone contributes to.

That sounded like a nice and agreeable setting to be in! So, Shout a Round became the name of our mission. A mission to power up good food systems that help people, society and the planet thrive. 

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Your Starter Kit

Through our work & learnings, we’ve identified what we see as 4 core, foundational topics in the Shout a Round movement. What are they, and what are they all about? These 1-minute videos will answer those questions.

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Dig deeper into the topics

What we’ve learnt, we share with you through our online courses. Build up your understanding & gain usable insights in our Foundational Topic Courses at Teachable. You’ll get learning videos, tools and a Workbook to transform learnings into actions within your company.

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Our courses are geared towards making things happen. Go from “big picture” understanding through to planning for action.

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